Spectra 9 Plus Portable Double Electric Breast Pump

Spectra 9 Plus Portable Double Electric Breast Pump

Spectra 9 Plus is an upgraded version of Spectra 9. We love it being so compact, lightweight and portable. Read on for other details. 

Product features:

  • A complete double kit so you can double pump – saves time and increases prolactin which stimulates more milk production. 
  • A nozzle for each milk collection kit, making it easy to swap from single to double pumping. 
  • Switch with a touch to the letdown mode, which is a light and quick mode designed to speed the start of milk flow, just the way a baby does. 
  • Easy adjustment of cycle speed & suction strength with one touch - 5-level massage mode and 10-level suction/speed adjustment
  • Inbuilt rechargeable battery. 
  • LCD display showing the vacuum and cycle settings.
  • battery indicator indicating how much charge left on the battery.
  • A timer to keep track of how long you’ve been expressing.
  • Closed system to prevent breast milk backflow into motor – more hygienic and the pump can last longer.
  • High performance vacuum with maximum suction of 300mmHg.
  • Slow-flow teats are suitable for newborn feeding.
  • Quieter than traditional breast pumps
  • Easy to clean - only the funnels need to be detached and washed after every pumping

Items included:

  • Spectra 9 Plus breastpump
  • Two sets of 28mm breastshield set (breastshield, tubing, backflow protector and wide neck bottle)
  • One power adapter
  • Local warranty of 6 months* (starts from baby birth date or the day order was fulfilled, whichever later) 
  • Warranty only cover motor unit, backflow matter will not be cover in the warranty. 

Technical specifications

  • Vacuum range 0 ~ 300 mmHg
  • Cycle speed adjusts with suction
  • Weight – 300g
  • Powered by mains or inbuilt rechargeable battery
  • Motor life 1,500 hours
  • Country of origin: South Korea
  • Certification CE, FDA, ISO13485, ISO900

*Note: this is a local set that comes with 6 months warranty by Spectra Singapore. Spectra warranty starts from the date of purchase or baby birth date, whichever is later. Please register online at this link. Or mail the warranty card back to the address below:

Spectra Service Center Address:
18 Boon Lay Way,
Trade Hub 21, #10-147, Singapore 609966
Tel no. 6635 7222

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