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With the birth of a new baby comes the joy and the concerns that come with raising them. Most people have heard that breastfeeding is recommended when it's possible. This leads many women to wonder if they might also need breast pumps. Here we will take a look at whether or not breast pumps are necessary.

For many women, a good breast pump will help them out immensely. But as you might imagine, not all women will need one. There are a number of reasons women will use a breast pump and regardless of what your reason is, if you need it, you should have it.

Do You Need A Breast Pump?

Babies are generally designed to naturally breastfeed. But just like every person is different, not all babies will take to breastfeeding naturally. They may never take to it well. To keep up the level of milk your body produces you can use a breast pump if your baby goes through a period where they do not nurse.

If you are planning to return to work either because you need to or you want to, then using a pump will help provide the necessary milk for your baby. It may not be absolutely necessary but you'll likely find it to be useful.

There are times where you may be temporarily separated from your baby for a few hours at a time. This is another situation where having a breast pump is very useful. These are some of the reasons why a woman may find a breast pump useful but there may be others. Let’s explore.


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Should You Get A Pump While You Are Still Pregnant?

Some women want to know if they should go ahead and purchase a breast pump before the baby is born. This is a choice that will be entirely up to the mother. It's not necessary to buy a pump before the baby is born but if the mother feels more comfortable doing it then there's no reason she shouldn't. The highest quality pumps can be rented from the hospital but these wouldn't normally be rented until the mother actually needs it.

But many different types of high-quality pumps can be found in stores and pharmacies. It shouldn't take much effort to find one and another option would, of course, be to go online. Breast pumps will come in a range of prices and styles and overall quality.

Does A Mother Who Plans To Be With Her Baby All The Time Need A Breast Pump?

The answer to this question really depends on the particular situation. Some babies may go through a period where they're not breastfeeding and this would be a time where the mother may want or need a breast pump until the baby begins nursing again. There are other reasons as well that a mother would want to have a breast pump even when she plans to stay with her baby at all time. If someone tells a mother that she must have a breast pump that simply isn't true. But there are many situations where a mother will find it useful to have one.

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More Reasons You Might Need A Breast Pump

1.Time alone 

Many mothers worry that while their baby is nursing they may not have any time to themselves. It's important that a mother takes time even when nursing, that is just for her. This will help her disposition to be better and that's good for her and her baby.


In most cases, if a mother is nursing frequently enough, that alone will be enough to prevent engorgement. But if this is a concern then using a breast pump can help. It's important, however, that it is done carefully because breast tissue is easily damaged when the woman is experiencing engorgement. PS. This is one of the most painful event to many nursing mothers, so please either feed regularly or pump on schedule. (You will want to cry, hit your husband, or wonder why are you doing this.)

3.The Baby Will Not Nurse

There are some babies that go through a period of time where they just simply will not nurse, or that the baby has difficulty latching. It could be nipple confusion, short or inverted nipples or a myriad of other problems. During this time, the mother can use a breast pump until the baby begins to nurse again. Very commonly, a baby that does stop nursing for some reason, will usually start up again after a certain amount of time has passed. As you can see, a breast pump is not imperative but often very useful.

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