August 08, 2015 1 min read

Toddlership was born when a few close friends started becoming pregnant, and then mothers. When you become a mother (or father), suddenly you start to scrutinize every baby and maternity products and its details and you find yourself overwhelmed by the wide variety of choices and prices.

Have you ever faced the following situation? You ask two moms which baby carriers to buy and both give you different opinions? What if they both said each other's brands are bad?

Have you ever spent hours, hours turned to days, and days into weeks, just reading what is the best breast pump, milk powder, milk bottle, baby stroller or baby carrier to buy? It will drive you crazy!

Modern parents love their children and rightfully so. We want the best for our children, and at Toddlership, we only bring in the very best baby and maternity products. Same items, same price - With free shipping above $80. No need to fight the crowd at baby fairs in Singapore. Shopping online has changed for clothings and many other things, so why not for baby and maternity products?

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